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Colleague involvement

Fundraising and matchfunding

Our Quilter colleagues and financial advisers who work with us are our most passionate supporters, and often take part in fundraising activities, either individually or as teams.

To help their fundraising efforts go even further, Quilter offers a ‘match funding’ scheme. This means Quilter automatically matches £ for £ funds, up to £200 per year per person, and up to £1,000 per team, per charity, per year.

Colleague Volunteering Days

We can make a positive impact on our local communities by simply giving our time. This can be just as powerful as giving money.

Every Quilter colleague is entitled to take seven hours paid time off a year to volunteer with a charity or community group, either individually or as a team.

Volunteering is a great way to connect with a charity or organisation. As well as benefiting the charity, volunteers can develop and enjoy new experiences whilst engaging with their community, meeting new people and learning new skills.

Some of the people we have helped

Discover the personal impact The Quilter Foundation is having.

Some of the people we have helped

The Quilter Foundation

The Quilter Foundation is Quilter’s charity. It supports our goal of being a responsible wealth manager- specifically our focus on supporting communities and wider society.

The Quilter Foundation