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Odd-lot Offers

An Odd-lot Offer is a way of offering shareholders who hold small numbers of Ordinary Shares the opportunity to sell their shares at a premium to the market price (the “Offer Price”), without incurring any dealing costs.

In March 2020, as part of our drive for efficiency in how we run our business and consistent with our desire to act in the best interests of all our shareholders, the Board announced the launch of an Odd-lot Offer for shareholders holding fewer than 100 Ordinary Shares registered on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges.

We launched another Odd-lot Offer in September 2023 for shareholders holding fewer than 200 Ordinary Shares.  This Odd-lot Offer closed on Friday 10 November 2023.  Odd-lot Holders could choose to sell all of their shares at the Offer Price or to keep their shareholding in Quilter.

Please find out more about each Odd-lot Offer below.