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Statement from Paul Feeney, Quilter CEO

Read Paul Feeney’s personal statement on the situation in Ukraine, and Quilter’s stance on exposure to Russian securities.

Read Paul Feeney’s statement

Shareholders and Investor Relations

Unfortunately we are no longer able to provide a JSE-view of this data feed. Alternative providers can be found online through popular search engines.

If you are having difficulties locating the data, our share registrars will be able to provide help.

Investor relations

Access company results, reports, and stock exchange announcements on our dedicated pages for shareholders, analysts, and investors.

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2021 annual report

Quilter plc’s 2021 annual report is now available to read online.

Further details

Annual General Meeting and General Meeting

Quilter plc’s 2022 Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’) was held on Thursday 12 May 2022. The AGM was followed by a General Meeting to approve the return of capital to shareholders following the sale of Quilter International. Find out more on our GM Hub.

GM Hub

Media centre

Looking for something? Our Media Centre search tool can help you find the information you need. You’ll find an archive of our press releases and useful downloads such as images of some of our main spokespeople.

Press releases

Becoming the responsible wealth manager

Our purpose is a symbol of our commitment to act and invest responsibly, for our customers, colleagues and society more broadly.

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The Quilter Foundation

The Quilter Foundation is our charity and supports the many thousands of young people in our communities who face a multitude of challenges. Its mission is to help young people overcome barriers to prosperity. By providing funding and skills to charitable organisations, our aim is to empower young people to fulfil their potential, thrive and prosper.

Discover how we make a difference