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Our beliefs and values

Our overarching purpose is to help create prosperity for the generations of today and tomorrow. To support this, we are guided by a strong set of principles and values, which are driven by our unwavering desire to put the customer first.

Our beliefs

In a world that’s often complex and confusing, and where its not always clear who to trust, we recognise that customers will want to know that they are dealing with principled people.

That’s why we are guided by our unshakable beliefs. As a result, we can measure customer relationships in generations rather than years.

Fundamentally, we believe:

  • In the value of trusted face to face advice
  • That better choice doesn’t mean more choice
  • That expert investment solutions should be simply packaged
  • That award-winning service and measurable outcomes for customers should always offer good value
  • That a company’s value goes beyond making a profit.

Our values

As well as being guided by our unshakable beliefs, our three core values (pioneering, dependable, stronger together) continually drive us in the way we behave with our customers, partners and each other.


Leading change and driving growth from the front, positively challenging industry convention to create new and rewarding opportunities for our customers and ourselves.


Bringing our expertise, care and judgement to guide us and our customers through complex and challenging times, determined to take people to a better place in their financial future.

Stronger together

Using our diversity and our relationships – learning from each other – to create one business with better opportunities for our people and better outcomes for our customers.