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Our business model and strategy

Quilter is an omni-channel, full-service wealth manager, with an open and unbundled model and client choice at the heart of the offering.

Our business model

Our business model supports our advisers and their clients as their financial requirements evolve throughout their lives and is comprised of two client-focused segments: High Net Worth and Affluent.

High Net Worth


A typical UK-based customer approaching Quilter to manage their wealth needs three things:

  • ‘a financial plan’;
  • a means of holding their assets safely (‘Platform’) in the right tax efficient wrapper; and
  • an investment strategy aligned with their risk appetite and investment horizon – ‘solutions’.

We earn revenues from the assets under our management or administration as a result of providing advice-led investment solutions and our platform to customers across the UK.

Quilter has a multi-channel access model, with two core strategies – the first whereby customers can come to us through our advisers or secondly through the open market channel with their own independent adviser.

When we support a customer to manage their wealth in more than one area, and therefore earn more than one revenue stream, we refer to it as an ‘integrated flow’.

The unbundled, open nature of our model, offering flexibility to use one, two or all three components:

  • provides customers and their advisers with choice at every stage and imposes external market discipline on our propositions
  • provides Quilter with greater market breadth, customer and adviser choice, supporting long-term customer relationships.
Our business model diagram

Our strategy

As set out at the time of our Listing in 2018, Quilter has transformed the shape of its business to become the modern, UK-focused wealth manager it is today.

Guided by our outlook of the wealth management industry, our strategy is focused on achieving good customer outcomes and growing our business proposition, delivering these from an efficient operating base and managed within a prudent risk framework.

Underpinning these priorities is an understanding that embodying the right culture will help not only the achievement of our strategic objectives but also in meeting our commitments to operating in a responsible manner for the benefit of all our stakeholders, as set out in our Shared Prosperity Plan.

Our strategy will enable us to:

  • become the leading provider of insightful, trusted financial advice in the UK;
  • offer easy and simple access for clients to manage investments on one platform in an appropriate wrapper;
  • provide outcome-based, responsible investment solutions, focused on meeting the real needs of our customers;
  • deliver top-line growth and operating leverage, and
  • ultimately achieve our purpose of helping to create prosperity for the generations of today and tomorrow.

Our strategic priorities:

Building distribution, enhancing propositions, driving efficiency


Quilter believes that a company’s values must reflect what it stands for as they drive the achievement of its purpose. Ensuring colleagues embody Quilter’s cultural values of being pioneering, dependable and stronger together connects the business and shapes behaviour towards all our stakeholders. Having the right culture will help Quilter achieve its strategy while delivering sustainable long-term value for all.