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Gender and ethnicity reporting

As at 31 December 2021

Gender representation reports

HM Women in Finance Charter

Quilter is proud to be a signatory of the Charter which requires firms to work together to create more gender balance at all levels across financial services firms. It is a voluntary initiative, led by the Treasury, aimed at promoting best practice.

We signed the Charter to help us realise our commitment to creating an inclusive culture and accelerate our efforts to build a more diverse organisation. Like other financial service firms, despite roughly equal proportions of male and female employees overall, we have fewer women than men in senior management positions. Signing the Charter will help address this imbalance.

When we signed up to the Charter in 2018, we had 33% women senior management. As of 30 September 2022, we have 40% female representation in senior management which is in line with the target set for 2025.

All colleagues split by gender

2021: Male 1,719 (55%), Female 1,380 (45%)
2020: Male 2,317 (54%), Female 1,964 (46%)

Executive Management split by gender

2021: Male 5 (83%), Female 1 (17%)
2020: Male 5 (83%), Female 1 (17%)

Senior Leadership Community split by gender

2021: Male 62 (64%), Female 35 (36%)
2020: Male 89 (65%), Female 47 (35%)

Ethnicity group representation

All colleagues split by ethnicity

Executive Management ethnicity split

Senior Leadership Community ethnicity split

Senior Leadership Community

Pay gap reporting


Gender pay gap 2021 2020
Mean hourly pay gap 33% 34%
Median hourly pay gap 29% 30%
Mean bonus gap 72% 65%
Median bonus gap 53% 39%
Female colleagues receiving bonus 92% 86%
Male colleagues receiving bonus 91% 84%

Ethnicity pay gap 2021 2020
Mean hourly pay gap 15% 13%
Median hourly pay gap 4% 4%
Mean bonus gap 44% 33%
Median bonus gap 38% 15%
Colleagues from ethnic minority group receiving a bonus 87% 79%
White colleagues receiving a bonus 92% 86%

Further information

Reports and statements

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