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Invest responsibly

We believe responsible investment is an important part of us delivering for our customers.

There are two approaches to being a responsible investor:

  1. the integration of environmental, social and governance factor and stewardship within an investment process (Principles for responsible investment), and
  2. linking products or strategies to a specific responsible investment objective.  

We believe that incorporating ESG data and stewardship approach helps to mitigate risk and identify potential opportunities thereby contributing towards the generation of long-term sustainable returns for our customers. That’s why we’re integrating this into the way we manage assets in the investment solutions we provide.

We also believe that customers should have the information, flexibility and choice to invest in line with their values and needs. So we provide customers with the option to invest in a solution with a responsible investment objective.

These solutions can be those managed by our asset management businesses or our customers can use our Platform to access other solutions from across the market. We have made tools and training available to our advisers so they can understand a customer’s responsible investment preferences.

Find out more about our approach to responsible investment by each of our client-focused segments, below:


(Quilter Financial Planning, Quilter Investors and the Quilter investment platform)

Learn more about Affluent

High Net Worth

(Quilter Cheviot and Quilter Cheviot Financial Planning (formerly Quilter Private Client Advisers))

Read more about High Net Worth

Stewardship Code

In 2022 we received confirmation that we had retained our signatory status of the FRC’s stewardship code. This status was granted on the basis of our 2021 report. In order to maintain our signatory status we submit a report like this to the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) every April. The FRC will confirm if we have successfully maintained our signatory status. You can read both reports below:

Our 2022 Stewardship Code 2021 Stewardship Code


Different areas of our business partner with various organisations to deliver our responsible investment activities. Here are some of those we work with:

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