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Our beginnings

The Quilter Foundation was established in 2018, when Quilter listed as a plc. Our aim was clear: to empower young people to transform their lives, to thrive and prosper, with the right support in place for them.

More details on each of these initiatives can be found below.

Young carers

One of our first pledges was to support the 300,000+ young people aged 16-25 with unpaid caring responsibilities. In partnership with Carers Trust and The Mix, we committed to investing around £1.5 million over three years to develop and deliver pioneering support services for young carers in the UK.

It starts with education

We know our money habits form around the age of seven which is why we are committed to empowering young people to manage their money well for life. The inability to manage money can have serious consequences on a young person’s life, making it easier for them to fall into debt, be scammed, make uninformed decisions and establish bad money habits. We formed an early close partnership with MyBnk, the charity that delivers expert-led financial education programmes for 5-25 year olds with schools and youth organisations. Our support has helped them reach over 30,000 young people and improve their financial literacy.

Current charity partnerships

Find out more about our current charity partnerships.

Current charity partnerships

The Quilter Foundation

The Quilter Foundation is Quilter’s charity. It supports our focus on supporting communities and wider society.

The Quilter Foundation

Supporting local causes

In 2021, we launched our Local Community Fund, to allow Quilter colleagues to nominate charities that are close to their hearts. Grants of up to £10,000 per quarter are allocated to chosen charities to provide:

  • funding for projects and programmes of direct benefit to beneficiaries
  • support for staff and key workers working directly with beneficiaries
  • capital expenditure to cover the purchase of small capital items directly related to the charity’s services.
The charities the Local Community Fund have supported