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Board Committees

The Board of Quilter plc has created five Committees in order to assist it in satisfying its responsibilities and to ensure independent oversight of risk management and internal control. Each Committee has its own Terms of Reference which confirm how it will be governed and the matters that are within its remit.

Board Audit Committee


  • Reviews accounting policies and the contents of financial reports
  • Monitors disclosure controls and procedures
  • Considers the adequacy and scope of the external and internal audit functions
  • Oversees the relationship with our external auditors
  • Monitors the effectiveness of internal financial controls

Board Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee


  • Reviews composition of the Board and recommends the appointment of new Directors
  • Considers succession plans for Chair and other Board positions
  • Considers succession plans for key executive leadership positions
  • Monitors corporate governance issues
  • Oversees the annual Board performance review
  • Provides oversight of the Group’s responsible business agenda

Committee members

Board Technology and Operations Committee


  • Oversees the implementation, execution and delivery of the Technology Strategy and Operations Strategy
  • Provides oversight and challenge on Technology and Operations Risk profile
  • Oversees Information Security, Information Management and Operational Resilience strategy, systems and controls
  • Oversees strategic technology and operational change programmes

Board Remuneration Committee


  • Sets the overarching principles and parameters of remuneration policy across Quilter
  • Considers and approves remuneration arrangements for Executive Directors and Senior Executives
  • Approves individual remuneration awards
  • Agrees changes to Senior Executive incentive plans

Board Risk Committee


  • Monitors and reviews the effectiveness of the internal control and risk management system
  • Provides advice to the Board on the top risks faced by the Group
  • Recommends the total level of risk Quilter is prepared to take (risk appetite)
  • Monitors the risk profile
  • Advises the Board on risk strategy
  • Oversees the effectiveness of the Compliance function